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The SmartPebble® is an ultralightweight device that actively monitors your child’s ambient sleeping bag temperature, sleeping position, and movement levels. With this information shared with you directly via the App, a stress-free sleep awaits both you and your child.

If this is your first purchase from SmartSnugg we recommend that you initially purchase a SmartPack.


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The Key To A Stress-Free Sleep

The SmartPebble provides an elegant solution to a perpetual problem. With its ability to accurately monitor your child’s temperature and motion levels, this ultralightweight device is the heart of the SmartSnugg Infant Monitoring System®.

Tucked away securely in the SmartPocket®, your child won’t even notice it's there. The SmartPebble® monitors your child’s ambient sleeping temperature and positional data every second while they sleep. This information is then sent to the SmartBridge® over an ultra-low powered Bluetooth connection, which then connects to the SmartSnugg App®.   

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to…

With a battery life of up to 9 months, this water-proof device is designed to be inserted into a SmartSleeper® and left there. Put it through the wash, hang it on the line, and never think about it again.

The SmartPebble® is available in four colours:

  • Blush
  • Sage
  • White
  • Mist

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safety & compliance

The SmartPebble complies with all relevant AS/NZ safety standards.

Utilising low energy Bluetooth 4.1 the radio waves given off by the SmartPebble are more than 20 times fewer than many traditional baby monitors. The SmartPebble monitors every second but is only turned on more a millisecond every second to read and transmit data.

The SmartPebble has been designed to exceed all relevant standards applying to children's products, including standards relating to choking hazards.



The SmartPebble was built to go through multiple washing cycles within a SmartSleeper. We wanted to make using the SmartSnugg System as easy as possible and we know that accidents happen so we designed it to be water-proof from the outset.  

It has been built to IP67.

It is important that you properly secure the battery door to seal the SmartPebble. This is easy to do and we have placed markings on the rear of the SmartPebble to indicate the open and locked positions (see below).

9 month battery life

The SmartPebble is powered by a CR2032 battery which will need to be replaced once every 6-9 months. The battery sits securely behind a child-proof and water-proof door. We have been able to achieve an extended battery life by adopting energy efficient strategies to programming so that the SmartPebble turns itself on for a millisecond each second, takes the readings and transmits the data to the SmartBridge over ultra-low power Bluetooth and then shuts down for 999 milliseconds.