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The SmartBridge® provides a secure link between the SmartPebble® and the SmartSnugg® server, allowing information to be sent in real-time straight to your SmartSnugg App®. The SmartBridge® also operates as a room temperature monitor and adjustable nightlight.

For accurate results, the SmartBridge® must be located within 5 meters of the SmartPebble® during an active sleep session; this ensures that the data is reliably transferred via Bluetooth using your Wi-Fi network.

If you have not already purchased a SmartPack we recommend that you purchase this before purchasing a SmarBridge. You may purchase an additional SmartBridge for a variety of reasons but in the first instance it is recommended that you first purchase a SmartPack.

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Expecting twins? Or perhaps you work in Child Care?

A single SmartBridge® can be used to transmit data from up to 20 different SmartPebbles® at any time.

The SmartBridge requires access to a stable internet connection in order to reliably transmit data. It does not require a fast internet connection and any domestic connection will be suitable, provided that it is consistent. Most people will experience some internet discontinuity and we will notify you if this happens for a significant period of time.

When you set up your SmartBridge you will be prompted to use a concealed reset button on the underside of the SmartBridge. Once this is done you can leave the SmartBridge in the wall or even plug it in at different locations in your house and you will be able to start and stop new sleep sessions directly on the SmartSnugg App.

The SmartBridge is an essential part of any SmartSnugg System. You can also have multiple SmartBridges connected to a single account in the SmartApp.


The SmartBridge comes with an LED nightlight which you can operate from the SmartApp dashboard. The nightlight has 5 adjustable settings.

room temperature

You will be able to monitor the room temperature of your child throughout any active sleep session directly on the SmartApp dashboard. The room temperature data is useful for several important features of the SmartSnugg System.

It provides data about temperature variations within your child's room overnight which will inform clothing decisions that you make.

One of the alerts that we have developed monitors the temperature differences recorded by the SmartBridge and the SmartPebble during an active sleep session. We have developed algorithms to detect any significant and unexpected changes which we have found usually indicates that a child has a higher than usual body temperature.

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