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Customer Support

When it comes to stressful situations, setting up a new electronics device while holding an inconsolable crying child is not an ideal combination. That’s why we promise exceptional customer service when you need it the most.

SmartSnugg TOG Guarantee

The only way that we can confidently make clothing recommendations that keep your child comfortable and safe, is to ensure that our TOG ratings are accurate. This is why we’ve invested heavily in the research and development of this aspect, with all products independently tested and certified in Australia. This guarantee applies to all SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets.

SmartSnugg Satisfaction Promise

All SmartSnugg Starter Packs come with a 30-Day Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee. If you decide within the first 30 days that this product isn’t right for you, all you need to do is return it and email us at to receive a no-questions-asked refund.



Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with corresponding answers that we hope will set you on the path of a good nights sleep for everyone. 

Is it safe to have high levels of radiation near the child?

The SmartPebble uses low-powered Bluetooth technology operating at 2.4ghz. The software in the SmartPebble is programmed to only operate for a fraction of each second so that the overall power usage and radiation levels are dramatically reduced.  

Is the SmartPebble a choking hazard?

The dimensions of the SmartPebble have been specifically designed to exceed the guidelines relating to choking hazards. The SmartSnugg pocket has also been carefully designed to ensure that a young child will not be able to remove the SmartPebble once it has been inserted into the SmartSleeper. This is achieved by using a ‘tortured path’ design that requires high level motor skills to move the Pebble to the mouth of the pocket.

Is SmartSnugg a medical device?

No, the SmartSnugg system is a consumer device, it is intended to help carers make more informed decisions about how they can best manage their child’s sleep quality and safety and to provide a mechanism to provide proactive alerts.

What ages is SmartSnugg for?

SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets come in 0-3mths, 3mths-12mths and 12-24 mths.

Does it require WiFi?

Yes, the SmartSnugg system currently relies on a local WiFi system to connect with our servers.

In the near future we will be introducing a feature into the App that will receive data directly from the Pebble, allowing for the use of the system when your baby is in a car seat or in their pram and you are nearby.

Is the SmartPebble machine washable?

The Pebble is IP67 rated which means that it is able to be put through a machine washing cycle whilst still inside the SmartSnugg Pocket.

Can the SmartPebble be put in the tumble dryer?

The SmartPebble is not designed to be put through a tumble dryer. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery in the SmartPebble is designed to last approximately 9 months. We recommend changing the battery twice a year as you switch between using winter and summer bags. If the battery runs out before your change it you will either not be able to connect it when you next start a sleep session or, during a sleep session, you will receive a notification that the SmartPebble is offline.

What is the warranty period?

One year

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied with our product we will collect the product free of charge and provide you with a full refund, provided you notify us within 30 day of purchasing a SmartSnugg starter pack.

How accurate is the temperature reading?

The SmartPebble and the SmartBridge reading is accurate to +/- 1 degree. There can be a period of temperature stabilisation when a sleep session is started.

How quickly will I be notified if my child moves onto its tummy?

You will be notified immediately with an alert to your mobile device, provided that you have the alert turned on in your settings and your wifi and internet connections are stable.

Will I get the notification if somebody else starts a sleep session (say the babysitter)?

We do not provide notifications for the starting of a sleeping session. You will however be able to view the sleep session on your device.

Does SmartSnugg work with multiple babies?

Yes it does. You can have up to 20 SmartPebbles sending data through a single SmartBridge. Through the App you can create multiple children on a single user account and you can view data and receive alerts about each of those children simultaneously.

What is a normal temperature sleeping range for a baby?

Through our testing we have seen that the typical recorded temperatures for SmartPebbles during a sleep session range from 30 to 33 degrees. This would account for about 80% of the SmartPebble temperature data that we collect. 

What if my WiFi system drops out?

If there is a significant drop out in. your WiFi system you will be notified through the App. This will happen if the server has not received data for 5 minutes. Short drop outs in your internet connection are likely to occur without you noticing. The SmartSnugg server continually receives data from the SmartBridge and there will probably be other smaller periods of time where your internet connection is unstable but we will not notify you every time that occurs.

What will you do with the data you collect?

We will not sell your data. With your agreement we would like to be able to share some of the data (without disclosing any names) with trusted Australian medical research bodies, to further their understanding of infant sleep and safety. We will not charge research institutions for this data.

SmartSnugg will utilise the data to provide you with live alerts and notifications in relation to live sleep sessions. We will also analyse the data so that we can provide parents with richer insights into how they can improve the comfort and safety of their child whilst they sleep.

What fabrics are used in your bags?

The bags are made from a high-quality blend of cotton with an ultra-soft bamboo inner lining. These materials have been specially selected for both their luxurious textures and thermal properties.

Can I adjust alert settings?

All of the alert settings are adjustable for your child. If you have more than one child being monitored, you can individually adjust the settings for each child. You can access the alert settings in the Settings Menu.

Can I see past data about my child’s sleep?

All of your child’s past sleep sessions and the associated data are available for you to view on the SmartSnugg App.

Can I share data with a nurse or doctor?

You are able to show them the data on your phone. At this stage there is not an option to download the data and email it to your doctor but this is a feature that we are considering implementing in the near future.

Which devices is the SmartSnugg App compatible with?

The SmartSnugg App will work on Android and iOS device 

What makes your SmartBlankets safe to use?

The SmartBlanket is a unique and patented system for safely attaching the SmartBlanket to the SmartSleeper using Velcro patches and a foot pouch to ensure that the SmartBlanket keeps your child comfortable without any risk that it could become loose and end up covering their face.