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When it comes to buying sleeping bags for your baby the options can seem endless.  One of the most important things to think about is getting the right TOGS to keep your child comfortable throughout the night.  But it can be expensive to buy a large number of options.  With a normal sleeping bag you'll probably want a thin bag, a medium bag and a thicker bag.  That gives you three options but you may find that you need more to make sure you have a suitable option when a bag is in the wash. 

The SmartSnugg approach is different.  We allow you to combine TOG rated Sleepers and TOG rated Blankets to cost effectively multiply your options and give you far more flexibility.  For example, if you buy 4 ordinary sleeping bags you have 4 clothing options.  If you buy 2 Sleepers and 2 Blankets you have 6 clothing options.

4 SmartSnugg products (2 Sleepers & 2 Blankets) give you 6 clothing options! 4 ordinary sleeping bags give you 4 clothing options.

"This could be a true game changer for parents" The Good Design Awards Jury