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New to SmartSnugg? Learn how it works

The SmartPebble is inserted into the SmartPocket inside the SmartSleeper. The SmartPebble monitors temperature inside the SmartSleeper as well as position and movement, and sends data every second over low energy Bluetooth to the SmartBridge. The SmartBridge is constantly monitoring room temperature and receives data over Bluetooth from the SmartPebble throughout an active sleep session. The SmartBridge is connected to the local WiFi network and uses that to send encrypted data to the SmartSnugg server. Data is processed on the SmartSnugg and during active sleep sessions it is delivered to the SmartSnugg App installed on your mobile device.


How the monitoring system works

do I need WiFI to use the system?

Yes, at the moment the system will only work by sending data over WiFi.

can the SmartPebble send data to my phone using Bluetooth?

No, at this stage that is not an option but it is something we plan to introduce in the near future.

what happens if I have poor WiFi?

The system works best with a consistent WiFi network. The speed of the network does not have much impact as the data volume is low but if the system suffers from frequent drop outs this will mean that some of the data may be delayed or even lost during those drop out times. If this is happening for more than 5 minutes you will be notified through your App.

does the system work for multiple children?

The App is designed to support multiple children per user account. This means that if you want to monitor several children simultaneously you can do that through the one dashboard.

how many people can be part of a care team?

You can add as many people as you like to the care team. This can include your partner, grandparents, babysitters etc.

can two or more carers view a live sleep session simultaneously?

Primary account holders are able to see any live sessions that are running for the children associated with an account. Other members of the care team can only see sessions that they have started. For example a babysitter can view a session when she is looking after your child but would not be able to access the account and see a live session that you have started.

do I have to leave the App screen open to get alerts and notifications?

You do not. You can use your phone as you would normally and if there is an alert or notification you will receive both visual and audible notification.

if my phone is on silent or I miss an alarm for some reason what will happen?

The App is able to override your settings to send you the alarm. If for some reason you miss the alarm you will receive an automated phone call from SmartSnugg. You can select how long after the missed alarm you receive the phone call.

how many different alerts and notifications are there in the App?

There are alerts for 'too hot', 'too cold', 'position', 'temperature differential' and 'offline'. You can turn one or all of these off. You can also decide whether to receive alerts and/or notifications in relation to each of these. The position alerts and notifications give you information on whether your child is on their tummy, left side or right side. You can turn any of these on or off, or just receive notifications.

how accurate is your data?

Temperature readings in the SmartPebble and SmartBridge are accurate to within +/- 1 degree. There may be a period of adjustment at the beginning of a sleep session whilst the thermocouple adjusts to the ambient temperature within the SmartSleeper. If there is a very large temperature difference this can take a little while so we recommend that you avoid leaving the SmartPebble in hot or cold areas between sleep sessions.

is SmartSnugg a medical device?

No it is not a medical device. We have made every effort to ensure that it is accurate and reliable but it is not designed for therapeutic use and should not be relied upon as such.

do I still need to check on my child?

Yes you do, the SmartSnugg System is a tool for you to use but is not designed to replace the need for you to check on your child from time to time.

do I need one SmartPebble for each SmartSleeper?

You can have a single SmartPebble and just move it between SmartSleepers that you own. We designed it this way to make the system as cost effective as possible but the system is also flexible and so you could have a SmartPebble for every bag or just a couple that you put into bags that you are using over a season.

SmartSleepers & SmartBlankets

Do you offer SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets for sale without the monitoring system?

Yes, you are welcome to buy the SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets for use on their own.

Will you offer SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets in more colours?

We have plans to introduce Sage, Mist and Lavender colours to our range later in 2020, when we also plan to bring out further colour options for the SmartBlankets.

Will you offer SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets in more TOGs?

Yes, in late 2020 we will offer a 0.2 SmartSleeper and for winter 2021 we will offer a 3.5 TOG SmartSleeper and SmartBlanket.

What is a TOG rating?

A TOG rating is a way of measuring the thermal properties of a garment. A high TOG rating indicates that the garment will be better at retaining heat. For example, a thin cotton sheet might be 0.2 TOG and a thick doona might be 3.5 TOG.

Shipment & delivery

Does SmartSnugg ship outside of Australia and New Zealand?

Not at this stage but we plan to launch the product very soon in North America and Europe so if you are interested in receiving notification when that happens please subscribe to our newsletter.

Is there a risk that my pre-order may be delayed?

As at July 2020 all electronics have been manufactured and are being shipped to Australia. The SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets are already being manufactured and projected delivery dates are based on information from our manufacturing partners, in whom we have every confidence.

What will happen if my pre-order is delayed?

Should there be a delay in getting the product to you we will offer to refund your money in full no questions asked. However we will also be happy to provide you with a larger size bag (should you need it) and a discount code so that you can save money on your next SmartSnugg purchase.


What safety standards do the electrical products comply with?

The products comply with EN 62471:2008, IEC 62471

What frequency does the SmartPebble use?

It uses 4.0 low-energy Bluetooth (2.5Ghz), this avoids interference from domestic devices.

Have the SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets complied with standards for children's clothing?

Every SmartSleeper and SmartBlanket has been tested and complies with AS/NZ Standard 1249:2014

Could my baby get the SmartPebble out of the SmartSleeper?

No this is not a possibility for small children. The SmartPebble is secure inside the child-proof SmartPocket.

Is the SmartPebble a choking hazard?

No it is not, we designed SmartSnugg to exceed the specified legal requirements relating to choking hazards, which apply to children's toys. We specifically considered these standards at the early design stages and made the SmartPebble wider and longer than it needed to be in order to exceed these standards.

Is it dangerous to have a replaceable battery inside the SmartPebble?

All batteries are potentially dangerous and must be kept away from children.

The SmartSnugg battery is held securely and we have developed a child proof locking system to make sure that children cannot access the battery.  

Can the radio waves harm my baby?

No we have selected 4.1 low energy Bluetooth because it is not always switched on and is the safest protocol available. By way of comparison the radio waves generated by the SmartPebble are more than 20 times less than those generated by a traditional baby monitor that would sit near to your child and would be constantly transmitting data.


Will you always offer pre-order discounts?

We will always offer our customers a discount for pre-orders where we have more than 3 months to fulfil the order.

Where can I buy SmartSnugg products?

At this stage the SmartSnugg products are only available online.

Can I put a pocket in my existing bags?

We are sorry but we do not sell SmartPockets individually and the SmartPebble is not designed to be used in anything other than a SmartPocket.

When will the SmartSnugg App be available?

The App has already been fully developed, tested and approved for release on iOS and Android. It will be available for you to download to your device during August 2020.