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Monitoring System Questions

There are many benefits to using technology to assist with keeping children safe and comfortable.  At the same time we have worked hard to make sure that our monitoring system is as safe possible.  In terms of the radio waves that it emits, we have used low energy Bluetooth to send data from the Pebble to the Bridge.  Our Pebbles are programmed to turn on for only 1 millisecond to take readings and send data, it then turns off for 999 milliseconds.  This massively reduces the output of radio-waves and allows us to achieve extraordinarily long battery life.  To put it in context, the emissions are over 20 times less than a regular audio/video monitor.  

Have said all of that, we realise that tech based solutions aren't for everybody and so we also have a 'no tech' solution which involves combing our Sleepers and Blankets and using our Clothing Charts to better control your child's comfort and safety.

No you don't.  We have built the system so that the Pebble sits within the SmartSleeper's internal pocket and can be moved between SmartSleepers.  This means that you only need to have one SmartPebble for each child you are monitoring.

If you would prefer to leave the Pebbles in the Sleepers (which you can because they are machine washable and have a 9 month battery life), then you can also use the system with multiple Pebbles assigned to a single child. 

The SmartBridge does need to connect to your local WiFi to send data to the SmartSnugg server.  The volume of data is very low and so you do not need to have fast internet for this to work reliably.  What is more important is that you have a consistent WiFi connection so that there are not drop-outs which would result in data being lost.  Within the SmartSnugg App there is an alert setting that will make sure you are aware if there is a problem with data transmission.

The SmartPebble contains a sensor that can detect 48,000 unique positions.  At this stage we are only using a fraction of that power to detect and report on whether your child is sleeping on their back, left side, right side or tummy.   

The system monitors the temperature within the SmartSleeper (through the SmartPebble) and the room temperature (through the SmartBridge).

Both of these temperatures are reported directly on your dashboard.  Within the App you can set up alerts and notifications (find out more here) to let you know if your child is too hot cold.

We recommend that the Bridge and Pebble should be within 5 meters of each of other when they are in use.  You should also pay attention to obstructions between the Pebble and the Bridge which can obstruct the Bluetooth data transmission.

The SmartSnugg App has default alert and notification settings, which are based on the experiences of our users.  For example the high temperature alert setting is by default set to a value that is based on what we typically see users selecting once they've been using the system for a few days.  We recommend you leave these settings at the default whilst you learn about your child's preferences.  The settings and alerts and notifications can easily be adjusted and turned on or off to suit you.  If you want more detail check out this blog post.

The person who sets up the system can invite other users to download the App and access the account. They can then decide what level of access that user will have.  This allows you a child's parents to see exactly what they want to see, to get alerts (even is somebody else is babysitting) and it allows you to restrict the access of occasional carers as suits you.  There is no limit on the number of users that you can invite to be part of the care team.

No it isn't.  It is a parenting aide, designed to give you additional information and insights. 

Yes it will, provided that you have correctly set up the alert settings.  You should pay attention to the difference between alerts and notifications - check out this blog post for more information.

The alerts will alarm as long as your phone is connected to the internet and powered.  You screen can be off, the app can be closed and the setting can be on silent and the alarm will still sound.  If you somehow miss the alarm or do not respond to it, you will receive an auotmated phone call - provided you have set this up in the App settings.

No you do not.  You can transfer Pebbles between SmartSleepers.  We deliberately built the Pebbles to be removable, so that our customers are not forced to buy technology for every Sleeper.

However it may be convenient to have more than one Pebble which you can then leave in the Sleeper throughout a season.   Because the Pebbles are machine washable, have a 9 month battery life and are fully operated through the App, you could be using the system without having to touch a Pebble for several months at a time.

You certainly can.  If you have changed the battery you must make sure that the locking door on the rear of the Pebble is closed flush.  Provided that you follow the care instructions on the SmartSleeper there will be no problem with the SmartPebble going through washing cycles.  

However, it is not designed to go through a dryer (and neither are the SmartSleepers).

SmartSleeper / SmartBlanket Questions

This is a standardised international system for measuring the thermal properties of a piece of material.  It stands for Thermal Overall Grade.  The lower the number the thinner the garment.

Our Sleepers and Blankets currently come in 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5 TOGS.  You might be interested in our Clothing Charts to give you an idea of which products might be most suitable for you.

SmartSnugg was started to solve the problem of parents being anxious about whether their child was too hot or too cold.  This means that we needed to give parents more confidence and control over how they manage their child's temperature.  We therefore took a very precise approach to the construction of our product range and were super-particular about getting our TOG ratings both accurate and consistent.  Without this we could not have built our Clothing Recommendation System and so we felt that providing the guarantee was an effective way of showing that we're serious about giving your accurate and reliable tools to keep your child comfortable.

Yes you can.  We understand that the tech is not for everyone and so we built a system with interchangeable elements to make sure that as many people as possible could benefit from the SmartSnugg system.  You can Sleepers on their own and they will work just like a regular bag.  You can also add matching Blankets to them to give you far more flexibility and get more value out of each Sleeper.  Just make sure that you buy Blankets that are the same size as the Sleepers that you are using.

We intend to release a wider range of TOGs in the near future.  However the SmartSleepers are able to be used in a much wider range of temperatures than a regular bag when they are combined with SmartBlankets.  This actually means that you do not need the ultra-thick bags that might only get used a few nights a year when you can combine a 2.5 TOG Sleeper with a 2.5 TOG Blanket on those unusally chilly nights.

It is totally secure inside the Sleeper.  We have developed and tested a dual safety system, involving a 'tortured path' and a flap that is stitched on three sides.  The pocket is also elasticated and so will hold the Pebble in the perfect position.

Yes we will.  We already have plans to extend the range in both Sleepers and Blankets.  We will introduce an extended range in 2021.

Delivery, Shipment, Returns Questions

We are just waiting for the delivery of Sleepers and Blankets and anticipate delivering all products to customers by the end of September 2020.

From October 2020 we plan on delivering product to customers within 48 hours of the order being placed.

Yes, shipping on all orders in Australia and New Zealand is free.

If you decide that your SmartSnugg system is not right for you at any time in the first 60 nights you can return it and receive a full refund.