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Do you sometimes find that you don't have the right clothing options for your child?

Combining SmartSnugg Sleepers and Blankets Gives You More Options for the Same Cost

sleeping bags and blankets

Struggling to Find the Right Sleepwear Combination for Your Child?
Use SmartSnugg's patented Blankets and our clothing guide to make your life easier.
  • secure anchor points to attach Blankets to Sleepers so you can keep your baby comfortable
  • TOG rated Blankets so that you can increase the effective TOG of all of your Sleepers with a single Blanket
  • If the temperature changes and you need to add or remove a Blanket, it's really simple so that your child is more likely to remain sleepy


Sleepers Designed for Parents by Parents

We know the ups and downs of being a parent and so we understand that your time and energy is precious and we think you'll appreciate some of the helpful design features that will make your life that little bit easier.

  • 2 way zipper that means you can undertake a late night nappy change without opening up the whole bag
  • A fully opening front panel so that you don't have to fight wriggling limbs into the bag, instead you can calmly place your baby onto the super-soft bamboo lining...🥰
  • Press studs allow you to use your Sleeper to sleep your baby 'arms out' or swaddled
  • And did we mention the materials?  Softer and more luxurious than any of the other premium brands or your money back


TOG Rated Sleepers and Blankets for Extra Comfort

Both Sleepers and the attachable Blankets are available in 0.5, 1.0 & 2.5 TOGs so that you can achieve the perfect sleeping environment for your child no matter what the temperature.   

Just like grown ups we've found that children are individuals, some sleep hot some cold.  Unlike other clothing guides the SmartSnugg guide will help you combine different clothing combinations to achieve the sleeping temperature that best suits your child.

SmartSnugg's Sleeping bags and blankets are getting great reviews

"The SmartSnugg is absolutely amazing and hands down the best baby product we have come across. We had always followed the advice to add 1 layer when dressing baby, but found he was restless throughout the night. As soon as we started using the SmartSnugg, he began sleep for longer stretches through the night, and now sleeps for 4-6hr stretches." Kate Greenwood, verified buyer

sleeping bags and blankets

How are SmartSnugg's Blankets Safe?

To make sure that our Blankets cannot come loose during the night, we have 4 velcro anchor points on each Sleeper and Blanket.  The patches are located on the back of each Sleeper.  There is also a foot-pouch that ensure for added safety, ensuring that there is no danger of the Blanket covering your child's face.

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