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September 03, 2020 3 min read

A well designed system of alerts and notifications ensure that you can sleep more easily knowing that you'll be woken if there's a problem...

No matter what kind of super-parent you might be you are still going to need some sleep and when you sleep you're not able to keep an eye on your baby's temperature or position.  The fact is that you're going to be up and down throughout the night because babies just don't sleep for that long and so when you sleep you need it to be high quality sleep.  There are plenty of things that might stop you getting good quality sleep and one of those is anxiety about your child's comfort and safety.

What alerts and notifications do you get?

If you're using the SmartSnugg you'll be able to easily set up alerts and notifications for:

  1. Internal sleeping bag temperature (too hot and too cold)
  2. Sleeping position (be alerted if your child is on their tummy)
  3. Fever warning (an unexplained spike in sleeping bag temperature)
  4. Loss of data (e.g. your internet connection is unstable)

Alerts are audible alarms that will make sure you know if your child is uncomfortable or unsafe.  Alerts are set up so that you do not need to have the App open for them to work. You can set different ring tones for different alerts.  Alerts are designed to make sure that you are immediately told of any issue and woken up if necessary.

If you fail to respond to an alert you will receive an automated phone call, provided that you have set up that function in the settings menu.

Notifications are messages that are sent to your mobile device to inform you about events (e.g. high temperature) that occur during your child's sleep.  These are not designed to disturb you and are not suitable if you want to be woken.

Temperature Alerts

These relate to the temperature inside the SmartSleeper.  You can set up 'high' and 'low' alerts.  To get you started we have set up defaults which are based on testing that we have carried out over the last 12 months.  Once you've used the system a few times you'll be able to look at the sleep data and make adjustments to the settings that suit your baby.

Position Alerts

The SmartSnugg monitor detects over 48,000 unique positions, so you can be confident that it is giving you accurate information.  The alerts here are to notify you about whether your child has rolled into a dangerous position.  Once your child is old enough to role safely between their back and tummy then you can turn off this alert.

Fever Alerts

These alerts detect rapid and unexpected changes in the temperature inside the sleeping bag.  Our algorithms look at the difference between the room temperature and the temperature inside the SmartSleeper (the Differential).  The Differential will vary during the night as part of the ordinary sleep cycle, as your child's body changes temperature.  However, if there is an unusually significant change you will receive an alert if you have this feature activated.  This is not exactly a fever monitor, because we are not monitoring your child's skin temperature, but many of our testers have found this feature helpful in early detection of their child having a temperature.

Offline Alerts

We know how important it is to stay connected to your child and so we give you the option to be alerted if the system has lost connection for any significant amount of time.  Some drop out is common with most home WiFi but you won't usually notice it because we send data every second.  However if your home internet is down or you forget to replace the battery in the SmartPebble you will get a notification or alert to tell you that data is not being sent.

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