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August 27, 2020 3 min read

Worried about overheating your child AND worried about them being too cold?

This really is a very common problem that most parents face.  The problem arises because experts tell us about the dangers of overheating our children (as they should) but until now nobody has really had a practical solution to monitor and manage the temperature within the sleeping bag. 

Until now parents have had to rely on the 'one-size-fits-all' clothing charts that suggest standard combinations based on room temperature.  Those are ok as a general guide but they don't what happens if you don't have the particular items in their chart or you want to actually know what difference each layer will make to the temperature inside your child's sleeping bag?




The SmartSnugg clothing assistant uses data that we have gathered from over 12 months of testing with our system.  Through that testing we have been able to discover the amount of additional warmth that is retained inside different layers.  For example we know exactly how much warmer your baby will be inside a 2.5 TOG SmartSleeper as compared to a 1.0 TOG SmartSleeper.  We also know what difference it makes if your child is wearing a 1.0 TOG long sleeve onsie or if you've attached a 0.5 TOG SmartBlanket to your child's SmartSleeper.

Our four step process...

Step one - you tell us the predicted room temperature for your child's room for the duration of the sleep.  Usually it is best to tell the temperature that is a couple of degrees off of the coldest point.  If you are using the SmartSnugg monitoring system you will have a reasonable idea from previous sleep sessions.  If you are using SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets 'tech free' then if you have a thermometer in your room this will be fine too.

Step two - select a 'target temperature'.  Usually your child's temperature will vary by 3-4 degrees during a sleep session.  Once you have an idea of your child's preferred range we suggest that you select a target in the middle of that range.  When you first begin using SmartSnugg, or if your a 'tech free' customer we suggest you go with the default target which is set at 31 degrees.  That number is based an average that we have calculated from data of thousands of sleep sessions run by our testers over the last 12 months.

Step three - select the most suitable clothing combination and dress your child.  In the App the system will generate a combination that will see your child remain at or close to their target temperature for the maximum amount of time.  If you do not have some of the suggested items available you can recalculate based on the items you do have and the App will tell you how close it predicts your child will be to the target temperature.  Again, if you are a 'tech free'  customer we will provide you with all of the tables and instructions you need to be able to calculate this manually - it is really not that hard!

Step four - put your child to bed, turn on the App and relax.  Once your child is down we want you to fell more relaxed because you've got all the information you could want in the SmartSnugg App and even if your not looking at it, you'll be notified if your child is too hot too cold - provided you've set up the custom alarms.


We're really proud of our recommendation system and we have move improvements and upgrade coming, including a health research project in which we'll reveal more about in the coming months.

In the meantime, to get. your SmartSnugg full tech monitoring system check out our SmartPacks page.  If you'd prefer a 'not tech' solution then you can click these links buy our SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets.

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