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Applying technology and great design to help babies sleep

SmartSnugg's customisable alerts and notifications

3 min read

No matter what kind of super-parent you might be you are still going to need some sleep and when you sleep you're not able to keep an eye on your baby's temperature or position.

The one and only safe, attachable & TOG rated baby sleeping blanket

2 min read

It's the middle of the night and the temperature is dropping, you pull your doona up over you....and then you hear your baby stirring next door.  Immediately you are thinking that they're probably cold too but what can you do? 

Get assistance dressing your child for sleep

3 min read

The SmartSnugg clothing assistant uses data that we have gathered from over 12 months of testing with our system.  Through that testing we have been able to discover the amount of additional warmth that is retained inside different layers. 

SmartSnugg: managing your child's sleeping temperature

3 min read

Of course it would be interesting to know what the temperature of your child is inside the bag but what parents really want is to know how to keep their child at a comfortable temperature throughout their sleep and here are two ways you can