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September 25, 2020 2 min read

2 for the price of 1

The SmartSnugg System has two elements:

  1. The SmartSnugg Monitoring System
  2. The SmartSleepers 

If you look at the combined price this can give the impression that SmartSnugg is expensive but to compare apples with apples you should compare our monitoring system to other similar systems and our bags to other similar quality bags.  When you do that we think you'll agree that SmartSnugg is actually great value for money.

We understand that having a new baby is an expensive time.  Most parents are going to buy sleeping bags for their new baby and that making a decision about whether to use a monitor and then which monitor is another expense.

The SmartSnugg Monitoring System compares favourably with other smart monitoring systems that are currently available to parents.  WiFi connectivity through the Bridge means you can access the data whether or not your phone is in range of the Bluetooth signal.

 Monitoring System RRP ($AU)
SmartSnugg (1 Pebble + 1 Bridge) $250
Owlet (Starter Pack) $430
Snuza Pico (Bluetooth only) $214

Get extra value from your sleeping bags

SmartSleepers aren't exactly like other sleeping bags.  Aside from the ability to monitor the internal temperature, you can combine them with SmartBlankets.    These Blankets are 'smart' because they attach to the Sleepers and they are TOG rated so that they multiply the options you have for each Sleeper.

To buy 2 Sleepers and 2 Blankets will cost approximately $235.  To buy a range of 4 comparable quality sleeping bags will cost between $260 and $300.  But as our table below show, they aren't just cheaper, they give you 6 clothing options from 4 garments. If you want to have 6 sleeping options you could easily be spending about $400 on regular sleeping bags!  This makes the SmartSnugg range of Sleepers and Blankets both convenient and excellent value for money.


This means that you can use your 0.5 and 1.0 TOG sleeping bags (which are always less expensive) in a wider range of conditions. 


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